Aqua Power Systems Highlights Competitive Advantages of Patented RMAF Fuel Cell Technology

TOKYO, Sept. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aqua Power Systems Inc. (OTCQB:APSI) ("Aqua Power" or the "Company") today provided this update from Tadashi Ishikawa, President of Aqua Power Systems Inc. and developer of the Company's Realistic Magnesium Air Fuel System technology ("RMAF").

Tadashi Ishikawa commented, "Aqua Power's RMAF fuel cells can be refueled a virtually unlimited number of times using our proprietary lightweight replaceable magnesium rods, oxygen from the air, and just salt water, even sea water, for the electrolytic solution. But don't let the elegant design of the technology fool you. We had to overcome numerous technical and manufacturing hurdles while developing this technology, including corrosion, hydrogen inhibition and release (HI) in sealed structures, and on/off activation. This design and operational experience resulted in 16 patents and patents-pending to date, and has given us a leading technology position within a rapidly growing market."

Aqua Power's Realistic Magnesium Air Fuel System ("RMAF") has several significant competitive advantages over other battery and fuel cell technologies currently in use or in development, including;

- Long shelf-life - RMAF batteries are ideal for long-term storage for emergency use.

- Virtually unlimited refueling - RMAF batteries utilize replaceable lightweight replaceable magnesium rods as a fuel source.

- Extremely lightweight and transportable - RMAF batteries and fuel cells can be stored and shipped dry without salt water electrolyte.

- Environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled - RMAF batteries are an environmentally friendly non-toxic power source that generates electricity through a combination of magnesium, oxygen and a saltwater electrolyte.

- Safe - RMAF batteries have no risk of overheating or exploding, as is the case with lithium-ion batteries and other fuel cells.

- Easily scalable for greater power generation - RMAF batteries and fuel cells can easily scale to power larger stationary and portable applications.

Ishikawa concluded, "As the developers and patent holders of the Realistic Magnesium Air Fuel System technology, we are in a position to continue the expansion of RMAF awareness into new markets around the world with new products specifically designed to utilize the technology's unique advantages. We anticipate making further announcements regarding new consumer and industrial RMAF products over the next several weeks."


Aqua Power Systems, Inc. (APSI), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Aqua Power System Japan Kabushiki Kaisha (Aqua Power Japan), is a developer, distributor, and marketer of magnesium air fuel cell products. Founded in 2004 by Tadashi Ishikawa, President of APSI, Aqua Power Japan has successfully commercialized magnesium air fuel cells for generating safe, green, reliable and inexpensive off-grid electricity.

Aqua Power Japan's patented (and patent-pending) Realistic Magnesium Air Fuel System ("RMAF") technology causes electricity to be generated from the chemical reaction of the combination of magnesium, oxygen (air), and a saltwater electrolyte. RMAF powered applications can be refueled using its proprietary lightweight magnesium rods, which fuel the chemical reaction. RMAF fuel cells have a long shelf, are lightweight, transportable, environmentally friendly, safe and scalable for greater power generation. Aqua Power Japan has aggressively patented (16 patents and patents-pending to date) and protects its intellectual property in Japan and internationally.

Aqua Power Japan's fuel cell technology can be applied to many applications requiring remote power, including emergency preparedness and disaster relief, outdoor recreation, industry (mining, oil and gas, forestry), military, marine (saltwater environments), and automotive opportunities (main drive, electrical subsystems, and backup systems).

Aqua Power Japan has been generating revenue since its initial products were launched in 2009 in Japan. These products included a water-activated AA battery (more than 8 million sold to date), mini-LED flashlights, and portable radios. Aqua Power Japan products gained national attention in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated many parts of the country in 2011.

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