Diet Doc Combines Nutrition with Powerful Prescription Weight Loss Aids to Maximize Weight Loss Potential

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diet Doc Combines Nutrition with Powerful Prescription Weight Loss Aids to Maximize Weight Loss Potential

Although red meat is a rich source of protein, which helps build muscle, and in turn boost metabolism, it can actually increase the appetite, becoming detrimental to weight loss efforts. Most people are unaware of this counterproductive effect of red meat, most using it as a low-calorie protein source during dieting. To make weight loss simple, the experts at Diet Doc have created a specialized weight loss program expertly designed by weight loss doctors and nutritionists.

The Diet Doc weight loss system removes the guess work from dieting by outlining meal plans for users with a diet workbook and cookbook, designed by nutritionists to maximize nutrition while lowering calories and balancing proper food consumption. In addition, Diet Doc combines nutrition with powerful prescription weight loss aids to maximize weight loss potential. The complete Diet Doc system produces superior weight loss while simplifying the diet process for users, including proper consumption of food for optimal results.

A recent study found that consuming red meat in excess can actually stimulate appetite, thwarting efforts to lose weight. The study, conducted by the Wake Forrest Baptist Medical Center concluded that red meats high iron content suppresses the hormone leptin in the body. Leptin is the hormone responsible for telling the brain that the stomach is full. In short, the more red meat consumed, the more the eater will want to consume.

Not only does red meat consumption increase appetite, but it can also lead to negative health consequences. "In people, high iron... has been implicated as a contributing factor to many diseases, including diabetes, fatty liver disease and Alzheimer's, so this is yet another reason not to eat so much red meat," Don McClain, M.D., Ph.D., senior author of the study said in a statement. "We don't know yet what optimal iron tissue level is, but we are hoping to do a large clinical trial to determine if decreasing iron levels has any effect on weight and diabetes risk," he adds.

For dieters looking to lose weight the healthy way, Diet Doc introduces the complete Diet Doc weight loss system, featuring a doctor and nutritionist designed system proven to quickly produce weight loss, most patients experiencing losses of 20 pounds per month.

Diet Doc employs licensed doctors and nutritionists who design customized diet plans around each patient. Because each person's ideal body weight is different, each client begins their treatment by consulting with a Diet Doc physician, via telephone or video conferencing, who has special training in weight loss and developing healthy diet plans to address individual patient needs.

With simplicity in mind, Diet Doc physicians determine the underlying causes of weight gain that may have thwarted previous attempts to lose weight. Once the underlying cause of weight gain is identified, the physician will prescribe the most effective treatment, including all natural diet aids and prescription hormone treatments that work to reverse those issues, with most experiencing up to 20 pounds of healthy weight loss monthly.

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