Highwinds Teams With Google Cloud Platform as CDN Interconnect Provider

WINTER PARK, Fla., Sept. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Highwinds® is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Google Cloud Platform aimed at providing customers with high-performance, cost-effective delivery of cloud-based rich media assets across Highwinds CDN (content delivery network). With CDN Interconnect, part of the Google Cloud Interconnect family of products, customers can take advantage of special egress pricing for CDN-bound traffic originating from Google Cloud Platform.

At the same time, because Highwinds' extensive global network peers directly with Google's AS15169, customers using Google Cloud Platform as their origin gain a performance benefit when delivering content across Highwinds CDN. Highwinds has established private high-powered interconnects between Google's Edge PoPs (points of presence) at 28 of Highwinds' PoPs spanning five continents. These links facilitate efficient traffic flow by ensuring that content takes a low latency route with increased reliability from Google's data centers to Highwinds CDN.

Google Cloud Platform will charge lower prices for in-region egress traffic to Highwinds CDN locations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Savings from the special egress pricing should compound, particularly for those customers that push high volumes of content out to Highwinds CDN for delivery to users around the world, and for those that make frequent pushes to keep cached content fresh for their users.

"By connecting our powerful networks in all the right locations around the world, we put customers in a great position to benefit from simplified and streamlined workflows," said Steve Miller, founder and CEO of Highwinds. "We are excited about our collaboration with Google Cloud Platform because it not only means that our mutual customers will enjoy a more efficient content storage and delivery workflow, but they'll also enjoy better service and lower prices."

Leading companies around the world use Highwinds CDN to stream video, serve advertising assets, distribute games, and deliver software, apps and websites. Highwinds combines its massive global network with an intuitive user interface and real-time analytics to provide an efficient and high-performing CDN.

Google Cloud Platform customers are eligible to receive one free month of service on Highwinds CDN. Sign up at www.highwinds.com/en/cdn/google-cloud-platform. Learn more at blog.highwinds.com.

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