Kirin International Holdings Inc., Enters Into Agreements With J. Streicher Capital, J. Streicher Advisory, and J. Streicher Property Group

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kirin International Holdings Inc., (OTCBB:KIRI) (the Company) a non-state-owned real estate development company focused on residential and commercial real estate development in "tier-three" cities in the People's Republic of China, announced today the Company has entered into three Agreements. The first agreement is an Investment Banking agreement with J. Streicher Capital, a FINRA Investment Banking broker dealer. The second agreement is an Advisory agreement with J. Streicher Advisory, a Corporate Finance entity and the third agreement is a Real Estate Advisory agreement with J. Streicher Property Group a global real estate entity. All agreements are designed to advise the management of Kirin International Holdings as they expand their global real estate portfolio.

Jeff Priebe a general partner at J. Streicher stated, "We are extremely excited with the business plans of Kirin International Holdings Inc. and look forward to joining forces with a number of the J. Streicher entities to further their continued growth."

Jianfeng Guo, Chief Executive Officer, Director and President of Kirin International Holdings Inc., said, "We are extremely interested in pursuing international global opportunities and by engaging J. Streicher we will have the opportunity to work with an experienced, strategic partner with a strong background in global real estate and investment banking services. We selected J. Streicher for their expertise and their proven ability to advise on complex international investment opportunities for our shareholders."

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Kirin is a Nevada corporation that operates through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kirin China, a non-state-owned real estate development company focused on residential and commercial real estate development in "tier-three" cities in the People's Republic of China ("PRC"). Tier-three cities are provincial capital cities with ordinary economic development and prefecture cities with relatively strong economic development. Kirin China's projects are currently concentrated in Hebei Province of the PRC, primarily in the city of Xingtai, and nearby regions. Hebei Province is located in the North Region of the PRC. Kirin China intends to also focus on the Bohai Sea Surrounding Area, which comprises Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province, Liaoning Province and Shandong Province.


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