Profile Defenders to Set the Record Straight With Remove Any Unwanted URL Service

New York City, Sept. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Profile Defenders, a leading US reputation repair company, has recently launched a set of new services, as well as a new website, aiming to improve their ability to target false online reviews and listings that hurt the reputation of businesses trying to set up and maintain online marketing campaigns.

This new initiative from Profile Defenders appeared as a positive surprise to many businesses who have suffered from poor online reputation management. With 85% of consumers using the internet before making a purchasing decision, the problems that even a single false review or negative listing entry can bring to a business trying to sell its services or products via the internet are often more destructive than many would anticipate.

"Statistics have proved it. About 79% of consumers place equal value on online reviews as on personal recommendations when searching for a product or service. Also, 75% of US companies have policies in place that require them to look up new candidates online before hiring them. Under these circumstances, a good online reputation quickly becomes more valuable than most people would ever believe!" - a representative from Profile Defenders has stated.

Despite these daunting statistics, many businesses have chosen not to hire a reputation management company to help them with their online reputation, and they have allegedly paid a big price as a result. Internet users have claimed that the bad reviews and less assuring business descriptions they have found during their research on a specific company have often prompted them to look elsewhere for the products and services they required.

Profile Defenders is one of the few companies that have taken upon themselves to target these problems one by one and use personalized services to cater to the needs of each business in part. Through this approach, they aim to start a more comprehensive campaign against websites posting and keeping negative information about legitimate businesses and, hopefully, to discourage some of the scam sites from furthering their brand defamation campaigns.

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With their main headquarters in New York and locations throughout the US, including San Francisco, Washington DC and South Florida, Profile Defenders is one of the leading reputation management firms in the USA. The company offers reliable services for completely removing false reviews, negative search results and a variety of other online listings and entries that hurt the reputation of businesses on the World Wide Web. For more information on Profile Defenders, please visit

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