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Does Richard Branson want to travel on his own cruise ship?

Branson: 'I'm very proud of Virgin Australia'
Branson: 'I'm very proud of Virgin Australia'

Serial entrepreneur and salesman Richard Branson isn't the best advertisement for his own cruise ship venture.

"I've never really wanted to go on a cruise because I've heard so many nightmares about them," he told CNBC on Wednesday, just a few months after confirming the launch date of Virgin Cruises.

"But I think Virgin can do them in a Virgin-esque way and we can make being on a cruise ship great fun," said the British native, adding that the cruise industry was ripe for disruption.

Branson, who boasts a rockstar following among fans for his flamboyant persona and leadership style, announced Virgin's foray into the cruise business late last year.

In June, he confirmed plans for his first cruise ship—one of three—to set sail from Miami in 2020. Each mid-size ship will weigh about 110,000 gross tons and features 1,430 guest cabins to host over 2,800 guests.

For now, Virgin Cruises plans to offer a range of seven-day Caribbean itineraries, but Branson isn't limiting himself.

"I think one day you will see Virgin cruise ships coming into Darling Harbor," he told CNBC, referring to Sydney's iconic waterfront destination.

And it's not just cruises the businessman has in store for Australia; he's also hoping to bring Virgin Hotels Down Under.

"We know the brand works great in Australia, people seem to love it so we definitely will be coming at some stage, I'm not sure when. If we can find the right buildings, we'll build some legendary hotels here."

Branson is also intent on providing internet connectivity to Australia's isolated communities, an ambition he's hoping to achieve with Virgin Galactic, his spaceship company.

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"We're putting up a massive array of satellites around the earth and there are a lot of people in Australia who don't get internet access or WiFi access. I'm talking to [Australian politician] Malcolm Turnbull about helping through satellites, getting to all those places in Australia, especially aboriginal communities, that can't get help," he said.

In June, Virgin Galactic signed a contract with start-up OneWeb to provide 39 satellite launches, the largest commercial contract for satellite launches in the industry's history, according to Virgin.

With its tentacles in everything from aviation to space tourism, what sector is Virgin Group eyeing next?

"We would have entered it already if there was any big industries we hadn't done. Virgin's now in 100 different industries."

Branson was in Brisbane Wednesday to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of his airline Virgin Australia, formerly known as Virgin Blue.