ConnectWise(R) Streamlines Billing With UserCentric Offering

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectWise, developer of the world's leading business management platform designed exclusively for technology companies, has announced its new UserCentric™ billing offering. Built into ConnectWise's 2015.5 release, the UserCentric solution automatically populates and updates company contacts, making billing by user easier and more efficient.

With the new UserCentric offering, ConnectWise partners will be able to bring customer-specific billing into their business. By synchronizing with customers' Active Directory, UserCentric automatically populates and updates company contacts in ConnectWise, further streamlining the billing process.

"The introduction of UserCentric with ConnectWise 2015.5 is a natural step in the development of the ConnectWise business management platform to meet the demands of the growing technology services marketplace," said Craig Fulton, General Manager of New Product Development, ConnectWise. "We are passionate about the success of our partner community, and we look forward to continuing to equip them with the tools they need to provide exceptional services to their customers."

Designed to bring customer-focused billing to ConnectWise partners, UserCentric provides technology professionals with a more efficient way to bill by user and maintain accurate contact data. The new offering reduces admin work by sending customers a list of all Active Directory users for direct approval, along with flexible pricing models. UserCentric automates the process of updating product agreement additions to match the number of Active Directory users, provides easy setup without the effort of managing LDAP security queries, and the flexibility to access customers' Active Directory, no matter what RMM tool is used.

To learn more about how ConnectWise can help your business achieve better operational efficiency and profitability, please view the Interactive Demo.

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