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Power Play: Time to upgrade tech names

A Microsoft store in New York.
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

The Dow, Nasdaq and are down six percent or more during the market sell-off the past month, but a top Wall Street strategist is not worried.

Nancy Tengler, chief investment officer at Heartland Financial, tells CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Thursday, this is the time to upgrade your portfolio, especially with technology names.

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"Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, even Intel have sold off and provide attractive dividend yields, as well as below market multiples," Tengler said.

Another name Tengler likes is Google.

"Google has come back from the big bounce after new CFO Ruth Porat's first earnings call. The price/earnings to growth ratio is 1.3x. Investors are not paying a great deal for the growth in the company's primary and growth businesses," Tengler said.

Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel and Google are all higher during trading.