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– This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on September 10, Thursday.

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After hitting session highs, shares of Apple fell nearly 2 percent Wednesday as the technology giant unveiled new iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Apple Watch features and a surprise device, the Pencil.

The company's shares have historically risen before autumn launch events, where Apple has been known to make waves with flashy new technology, only to fall afterward, a phenomenon some have called "antici-pointment." Wednesday's share moves were no different, with the stock rising after the debuts of a new Apple Watch collection and iPad Pro earlier in the afternoon, then dropping as executives discussed the Apple Pencil, TV, and iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Let's start with the upgrades on the Apple Watch

One thing was in focus -- the new line of products will have chassis colors like rose gold, and Apple Watches will have bands designed by luxury brand Hermes.

Then, the IPAD PRO, along with... a stylus, somthing that Steve Jobs said Apple would never do.

"Who wants a stylus?" Steve Jobs asked a crowd back in 2007 when he first introduced Apple's iPhone.

"You have to get them and put them away and you lose them," he continued. "Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus, so let's not use a stylus."

And Apple is doing it.

Eight years later, the company has revealed the Apple Pencil, a device remarkably similar to a stylus. The Apple Pencil is designed to aid users in graphic design, photo editing and document annotations on its new iPad Pro.

Unlike styluses, this device detects the pressure, position and tilt of the pen against an iPad and will create thin and thick lines based on slope of the Apple Pencil's tip. The device can be recharged by plugging the lighting connector directly into the iPad device.

The Apple Pencil will be sold separately from the new iPad and will cost $99.

[John Petrides, MD& Portfolio Manager, Point View Wealth Management] "I thought the Ipad Pro, which is really an interesting product because the iPad itself have been grinding lower. The problem is though will the iPad Pro with a bigger screen and the capability of adding the keyboard cannabalise the Macbook Pro sales. Because the iPad Pro sell at a cheaper price than the Macbook Pro. And the Macbook Pro has been actually quite stable and it has been a good product aside from the iPhone for Apple. That is something to watch."

The streaming device Apple TV also generated buzz, thanks to apps that allow gaming, live sporting events and Siri-enabled search.

"The future of television is apps," Apple CEO Tim Cook said. The new phones and iPads will feature iOS 9, which Apple said will be available Sept. 16.

[BRIAN COLELLO Morningstar Senior Equity Analyst] "I think the TV was the most interesting, the most compelling new product out of the four particularly the user interface around the Apple TV and the TV OS and the introduction of third party apps. They're going to need to create the best user interface in order to capture users. We still think that's going to be a fragment in market, but that is something that was particularly compelling. Some of the new features using Siri and the demo for rewinding and some of the other voice paced gesture we thought were most interesting out of the four."

The iPhone, Apple's flagship device, will be 70 percent faster at CPU tasks and 90 percent quicker at graphics compared to the current model.

The improved processing speed built on previously rumored features like a 3-D touch display that creates easier movement between apps, and an improved camera, that supports 12 megapixel images, ultra high-definition video and "live pictures," stand-alone images which resemble short video clips.

Another thing we wanted to highlight...

The new iPhone Upgrade Program.

It allows you to pay a monthly fee to get a new iPhone every year.

That's in the US now...but expected to expand to other countries.

[Daniel Ives is a Managing Director, FBR Capital Markets] "Less than 30% of customers have upgraded to 6 and this is really now going to be the catalyst and i think it's a (...) situation, a white knuckled situation, but they've laid out their prog road map on iphones, on apple TV, on the iPads. I feel like you'll walk away from here incrementally confident."

In a sign telling of the times, Apple announced Wednesday that China will be among the first wave of markets to get its new iPhone 6s smartphones on September 25.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said that China saw 75 percent year-on-year smartphone growth, compared with -4 percent for the rest of the industry.

CNBC's Qian Chen, reporting from Singapore.

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