Chipotle linked to Salmonella outbreak in Minnesota

Chipotle linked to salmonella outbreak

A recent outbreak of salmonellosis has been linked with Chipotle restaurants in Minnesota, wrote the state's department of health in a recent post.

Since September 2, 45 cases of Salmonella Newport bacteria infection have been reported to the department. Of the 34 people interviewed from the group, nearly all ate or likely ate at Chipotle locations in the state during mid- to late August.

A file photo of a meal being prepared at a Chipotle restaurant.
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While investigators are still working to identify the specific food that led to the outbreak, Chipotle has changed the source of a suspect produce item in the meantime. The chain declined to share the name of the produce item.

"Investigators are confident that ongoing transmission at Chipotle as part of this outbreak has ended," the department wrote.

Separately, Minnesota is conducting an ongoing Salmonella outbreak investigation associated with cucumbers that officials say is not related to the Mexican chain.