Scientology Volunteer Ministers Answer the Call to Do Something About the Damage to Dominica

CLEARWATER, Fla., Sept. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When Tropical Storm Erika hit the small island of Dominica, population 72,000, it caused damage estimated at $226 million, almost half the country’s Gross Divisional Product. Dominica is one of the islands that the Church of Scientology’s ship, the Freewinds visits frequently, building up a strong relationship with the people of the island.

“We had to do something for our friends,” said Glendy Goodsell, the Executive Director of the new Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Florida in Clearwater. Mrs. Goodsell has been summoning any volunteers who could set aside 2-4 weeks of their lives to help with the country’s restoration. So far, about a dozen volunteers have answered the call to help the island.

In carrying out its mission, the global force of Volunteer Ministers, one of the largest independent relief forces in the world, has responded to every major disaster worldwide since 2001. The Clearwater and Tampa Bay Volunteer Ministers played a leading role in relief efforts following the World Trade Center tragedy in New York, the South Asian 2004 tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and hundreds of other disaster sites.

  • In the wake of recovery efforts from Hurricane Charley in August 2004, then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush presented the Tampa Bay Volunteer Ministers with a Points of Light “Hurricane Heroes” award.
  • When the 2010 Haitian earthquake struck, 350 Volunteer Ministers—including many from Clearwater and Tampa Bay—were among the first responders, ultimately delivering 130 tons of medical supplies and emergency materials, transporting over 450 medical professionals, and assisting 600,000 survivors with physical and spiritual aid.
  • Worldwide, the Volunteer Ministers have contributed in excess of 27 million volunteer hours, providing timely emergency assistance to more than 29 million people in thousands of communities on nearly every continent.

In keeping with the Volunteer Ministers’ credo, “Something CAN Be Done About It,” the new Clearwater center represents a pledge to extend this help to the entire Clearwater community.

This new Center at 101 N Fort Harrison Ave in downtown Clearwater was opened by the Church of Scientology on July 11th and is one of six new facilities, each dedicated to helping with the pressing issues that impact Clearwater and the Greater Tampa Bay area.

To find out more about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Florida, call 727-467-6965 or email

For More information Contact: Pat Harney 727-467-6860

Source:Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization