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Cramer's fantasy football portfolio: Top QB pick

Cramer's fantasy football portfolio: Top QB pick

Jim Cramer said he made two huge mistakes last year: First was selling Home Depot from his charitable trust, and the second was cutting Tom Brady from his fantasy football team. They both ended up making monster runs for the Super Bowl.

"I recognize that it is fashionable in fantasy circles to not draft a top quarterback early. Just like it's not fashionable in the stock game to stick with a domestic retailer that's linked to the cyclical home business," the "Mad Money" host said.

But in Cramer's opinion, both Tom Brady and Home Depot make the most out of what they have. That is why Brady wins Super Bowls and why Home Depot manages to rise above its retail competition year after year.

And while Cramer has championed Home Depot for a long time, he does recognize that he has too often played the Fed game with the stock, saying that it will go down the hardest if the Fed raises rates—that has been a mistake.

So, just like he cut Brady from his fantasy team too early last year, Cramer wants investors to be on the lookout to buy, not sell, Home Depot if the Federal Reserve decides to tighten on Thursday.

If there is no rate hike, then Cramer thinks the stock could even rally further than any stock in the sector and maybe even the Dow Jones industrial average.

"While housing will be hurt by any increase in mortgage rates, I just don't think Home Depot's numbers will come down. Therefore, the stock is a buy. I think it's exactly the kind of quarterback your portfolio needs," Cramer said. (Tweet This)

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Cramer's opinion is based on Home Depot's ability to historically deliver better-than-expected quarters. It also resembles Brady, who never lost his allure even during the Deflategate situation. Fans still love Home Depot, and they still love Brady.

"You wouldn't think much of the Patriots without Tom Brady. Sometimes I feel the same way about retail. Honestly, this group wouldn't seem nearly as investable without the existence of Home Depot," Cramer said.

Just as a quarterback is essential to a fantasy football team, in money management a Home Depot is needed. Cramer considers it to be the most reliable retailer in the land to tackle, even with a looming interest rate hike.

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