Dealer Spike Provides Superior SEM Strategy to Dealerships

Portland, Oregon, Sept. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading web solutions provider Dealer Spike offers top-notch search engine marketing tools for its customers, operated by its Google Adwords-certified team of SEM specialists. Dealerships see a measurable return on investment for advertising directly to their perfect prospects. Dealer Spike's search engine marketing techniques narrow down online users to people actively looking for the types of units sold at the dealership. This eliminates the possibility of wasted time and money spent marketing to people who are not in the market. Resources are invested in the customers who are most likely to purchase, allowing dealership owners to feel confident maximizing their budget.

Bruce Young, owner of B Young RV in the Portland, Oregon area, recently increased his dealership's ad spend. He made this decision after his monthly call with the Dealer Spike SEM team to go over his strategies and results. "It's a good value, and you can see it," Young explains. "The Internet is becoming more and more important to shoppers."

Young worked with another advertising agency, ReachLocal, before switching to Dealer Spike's services. "I prefer Dealer Spike," Young says. "If I can conceptualize an idea for my search engine marketing, the team at Dealer Spike can come up with ways to implement it. In the following months as we see results, they adjust our strategy. The team's responsiveness is really exceptional." Young says that one way he can see his SEM investment paying off for his dealership is through a high click-through rate from online ads to his dealership's website. Data and analytics information that the team shares with him also shows that these visitors stay on the page for a relatively long amount of time.

Dealer Spike's SEM services are able to offer higher lifetime value. Targeted ads allow dealerships to find customers who will keep coming back. Enabled re-targeting reminds customers of their purchase, or the purchase they are considering, with ads that follow them to other websites within the Google Display Network, as well as major search engines Bing and Yahoo! Dealerships are able to catch customers when they are most engaged - looking at websites similar to theirs.

Angela Annamalai, owner of Shelby's Powersports in Bronx, New York, sees firsthand why SEM services are so valuable to her business. "Even though we are very much New York City, someone on Fifth Avenue may not consider coming here," Annamalai says. "I had a ten year-old from Manhattan Google us, then convince his mother to come out here. The only reason that happened is because our dealership showed up high in the search results." Annamalai says she has similar experiences when she receives international calls from places like Dubai, with people interested in coming to look at her units when they are visiting the city. Online advertising opens up opportunities for her dealership that would not have been possible before.

Like Young, Annamalai has also increased her ad spend with Dealer Spike. She made the decision to completely stop advertising her dealership on cable TV due to the amount of results she sees. "More traffic comes from our online ads than print advertising, direct mail, or any other marketing technique that we've tried," she says. While other SEM providers have contacted Shelby's Powersports, Annamalai is committed to Dealer Spike due to the impressive percentage of online visibility the team is able to offer. "They really know what they're doing," she says. "Dealer Spike has a high level of expertise. I'm willing to make the investment."

Click, Call, or Come - these are the results dealerships can expect to see through Dealer Spike's SEM services. The most valuable online users and locations are targeted to drive traffic to Dealer Spike customers' online stores. Dealership owners watch as future customers click to submit a form, call the dealership, or come into the dealership location when faced with search engine marketing ads placed by Dealer Spike.

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