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Google says will match refugee donations up to about $5.5M

Google on Tuesday pledged to match up to about $5.5 million in donations to humanitarian groups looking to help refugees entering Europe.

The tech giant's charity arm already gave more than $1 million to aid organizations in relief efforts. With the move, Google hopes to encourage more individuals to donate and ultimately raise about $11 million.

Syrian refugees and other migrants are stopped by Macedonian police at the Greek-Macedonian border, near the village of Idomeni, Aug. 22, 2015.
Yannis Behrakis | Reuters

Contributions will be distributed to four nonprofit groups: Doctors Without Borders, the International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

"These nonprofits are helping deliver essential assistance, including shelter, food and water and medical care, and looking after the security and rights of people in need," Google wrote on its One Today page Tuesday.

Thousands of refugees, many fleeing conflict in Syria, have flowed into Europe this summer. Many migrants reaching the continent have faced crowded temporary camps, limited food and unsanitary conditions.

European governments have scrambled to handle the influx, with some countries re-establishing temporary border controls in recent days. Leaders are now planning how to relocate about 120,000 asylum seekers.