Goldman's Blankfein: Trump rise may signal this

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a national security speech aboard the World War II Battleship USS Iowa, September 15, 2015, in San Pedro, California.
Robyn Beck | AFP | Getty Images

Donald Trump's rise in the polls could mean a shift in voter sentiment, Goldman Sachs Group CEO Lloyd Blankfein said Wednesday.

At a breakfast event in New York City, Blankfein said Trump's lead in may signal a preference for political dealmakers in Washington over ideologues, Dow Jones reported.

Trump holds a 10.5-percent lead over fellow GOP hopeful Ben Carson, who is sitting at second place with 20 percent, according to polling data aggregation site RealClearPolitics.com,

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Trump has managed to jump in front of the crowded GOP pack despite a series of controversial remarks about immigrants, China, women and other Republican nominees.

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Blankfein said the idea of Trump with his "finger on the button blows my mind," according to Dow Jones.

The Trump campaign did not immedately respond to a CNBC request for comment.