Most contrarian trade on Wall Street right now

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Whether the Federal Reserve decides to raise its short-term rate Thursday or not, investors seem to all agree that yields are headed higher eventually. It's just a matter of when ... not if.

But someone needs to tell the bond market.

The yield on the 10-year Treasury is down since the third quarter began. The yield was 2.42 percent on July 1 and it's now hovering around 2.30 percent. The high for the year in June was 2.48 percent.

A sluggish U.S. economy as well as money fleeing troubled emerging markets for safety here could keep a bid under long-term Treasurys even if the Fed raises rates Thursday or this year.

And many believe the U.S. central bank could hike rates soon and then stay on hold for a long time, another bullish event for Treasurys.

With that in mind, CNBC Pro used Kensho, a quantitative tool used by hedge funds, to find the stocks that outperform the market when bond yields fall.

Five top performers are in the table below...

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