Caret Makes Available the Next-Generation "Social Address Book" for iPhone and Android Smartphones

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anyone using a smartphone can now share with friends, family and business colleagues up-to-the minute status, location and availability information directly into their contact and address books via Caret ( , the new, free social address book app for iPhone and Android devices.

Caret, available today, is a dynamic address book app that integrates seamlessly with existing default address and contact lists available on today's smartphones. It can then -- with total control over privacy settings -- inform fellow Caret users about availability for a meeting or a call, to engage in a text exchange, even if they are en route to a scheduled meeting or dinner date. Contacts can be organized into groups that have different access to various information.

The Caret app can also use smartphone sensors to determine and transmit information to other Caret users. For example, when the phone is placed face down, it means the user is not available. If the device's GPS detects that a user is moving faster than 10 mph, Caret will show that the person is in a vehicle and not be able to respond right away to a text or a call, thereby reducing the inducement to text while driving.

"We created Caret on the simple premise that as smart as our phones have become, our address books are still very basic," said CEO Marton Anka. "People are engaged with their friends and colleagues via their mobile devices and Caret is taking advantage of both our desire to share and the smartphone's smarts to make that sharing intuitive, useful and exceptionally easy."

Streamlines communications, ensures privacy
Caret contacts can be grouped into four levels:

- V.I.P.: Can be a spouse or partner who might be the only person in the category. This person would have full access to all information available to Caret, including call status, street level location, calendar event details (event title and duration), as well as time-zone and weather information.

- Trusted: Members of this group could include close friends and business colleagues. Information shared includes detailed status, regional location (for example, California), whether the calendar is busy or blank at a particular time, time-zone, and weather information.

- Default: Upon installation, all contacts are designated "Default." Members of this group can see basic call status (available, unavailable), country level location (for example, U.S.), time-zone and weather information.

- Blocked: Contacts in this group cannot see any information about a user.

Feature-rich to provide immediate usability and utility
Caret is designed with features that provide immediate utility from the moment the user installs the app. From geolocation functions to free VoIP phone calls between fellow Caret users, all features are designed to enhance social capabilities of the smartphone with the address book as the center of a user's connected world. Detailed feature information can be found at

Integration into Connected World via the Caret API
From thermostats to cars, our devices are becoming smarter. The Internet of Things promises to connect with many of our everyday devices making them a smarter set of tools. Caret is designed to manage and automate notifications for smart device sensors and share them, if the user chooses to do so. The Caret API allows for the creation of modules that can link Caret and any smart device. For example:

- A connected thermostat, such as a Nest, can use geofencing tied to the Caret app to turn up the heat when the user is a set distance from home.

- A home security system can notify Caret of an event that requires attention.

- A fitness tracker, including FitBit, can tell a user's Caret contacts if she is asleep, walking or exercising.

- Connected cars like a Tesla can inform the user's Caret network that he is driving, where he's going and when he will arrive.

Developers seeking to integrate with Caret can get more information at

Pricing and availability
Caret is available for free at both the iTunes App store and on Google Play.

About Caret
Caret ( ) is an address book for the 21st century. It integrates seamlessly with default contact and address apps on the world's most popular smartphones to provide social features in a seamless, intuitive fashion. Caret was created by a team of IT industry veterans lead by LogMeIn founder Marton Anka.

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