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Janet Yellen's horoscope: 'Stay where you are'

Janet Yellen
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Wall Street will use anything to try to figure out what the Federal Reserve will do Thursday. Including astrology.

While investors are eyeing the economy to determine if the Federal Open Market Committee will announce an increase in its key funds rate, others are looking to the stars.

Many economists suggest that a hike is long overdue; rates peaked in June 2006 and have steadily declined since. However, The New York Post's daily horoscope suggests that a Fed hike could be delayed.

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Born Aug. 13, Fed Chair Janet Yellen is a Leo and that could mean interest rates will remain the same, for now.

"You have been held back too long and are desperate to spread your wings," Sally Brompton, a professional astrologer, wrote. "You will get the chance not long after the Sun changes signs on the 23rd. but for now stay where you are and, most importantly, finish what you started."

Could this be a new indicator for the Fed?

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