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The biggest winners off of the Fed decision

Fed winners and losers

Interest rate-sensitive sectors such as utilities and real estate spiked Thursday afternoon, following the Fed announcement that benchmark interest rates would remain unchanged for now. And according to one trader, the initial market reaction is a clear buy signal for some of these suffering categories.

"It is definitely a green light to start to incrementally add yield-sensitive instruments back into your portfolio for the short term," Neil Azous, of Rareview Macro, said Thursday on CNBC's "Trading Nation."

The utilities sector ETF, XLU, closed up 1.3 percent Thursday, the best-performing sector that day in the S&P 500. The U.S. real estate ETF, IYR, also rose 1 percent.

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The two ETFs, XLU and IYR, have been hit hard this year, falling 10 percent and 6 percent year to date, respectively. However, Azous said the funds' underperformance is another reason to buy these sectors now as they prepare for a boost from low interest rates.

The real estate ETF has a dividend yield 3.8 percent, and the utilities ETF has a dividend yield of 3.6 percent.

Larry McDonald of Societe Generale recommended watching gold miner stocks and commodities in addition. He said commodities will benefit from a weaker U.S. dollar, which fell 1 percent Thursday. McDonald said he sees the dollar index falling another 10 percent from its current level.

"The dollar has been much too strong. It's hurt the global economy, the Fed must talk it down," he said Thursday on "Trading Nation."

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McDonald also said these sectors have a tendency to rally each time the Fed pushes back a rate hike.

"From March to September, the commodities space was very, very powerful and to the upside," McDonald said, referring to last period following a delay in raising rates.

The gold miners ETF, GDX rallied Thursday, rising 2.7 percent. However, it is still down more than 20 percent this year.

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