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– This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on September 17, Thursday.

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The big question we are asking is will they, won't they?

What are the voting members of the FOMC thinking.

So let's line up the Doves and the Hawks on what we are calling the 'Policy Perch'.

The clear doves are Charles Evans and William Dudley.

The ones who are dovish are Lael Brainard and Daniel Tarullo.

But the perch crowded in the middle...with Yellen, her deputy Stanley Fischer, Dennis Lockhart, Powell and Williams are all in a neutral frame of mind.

And Richmond fed's Jeffrey Lacker is the lonely hawk.

According to analysts Jim McCaughan... here's what he got to say.

[Jim McCaughan, Principal Global Investors, CEO, Cell] "100618 The extrordinary zero interest rate policy is not necessary for the domestic economy anymore. It's better to get a price of capital which can improve allocation of the resources of the economy. Now, It's possible that some of the pressure of the politics, and the affect of the global markets might delay them, but I hope the need for the US economy to restore a price for money will induce them to raise if not this time, then October or December, but having said that, why not now? 100651"

So during a rate hike cycle, how do markets perform?

Analysts say that it will depend al lot on whether its a fast cycle or a gradual one.

Let's take a look at what happened to the S&P 500 during the last one.

The last hike phase was from June 2004 to june 2006 and it is what's called a fast cycle.

It saw consecutive rate hikes...totalling 425-basis-points.

Rates went from 1% to 5.25%.

The S&P 500 as you can see gained over 11% in that two years.

So how will things play out this time?

The Fed has already said that this time around it will be gradual.

And of course, the EM market are what investors are carefully watching out.

The debt level of companies as well as EM countries will be key...

[David Roche, Independent Strategy Ltd, Global Strategist] "That's the way it will shock you. It's not that suddenly the fed goes ballistic, it's that you're repricing a much bigger stock of debt that has been pretty unproductively invested. 08 11 48" 081202 my core forecast is to stay the hell out of emerging markets and the short currencies. and the equities when i can get them. i actually think that's going to happen. 081211 that doesnt mean it happens everywhere. the reason as i say that the fed normalizes or tries to normalize interest rates is because the US economy is doing relatively well.]

Subir Gokarn, Former Deputy RBI governer, told CNBC that the turbulence will be less than it was two years ago during the taper tantrum.

[Subir Gokarn Former Deputy RBI governer] "The turbulence will be much much less now than it was 2 years ago. Linkage we are seeing there is that ... two years ago. "

CNBC's Qian Chen, reporting from Singapore.


BonAppetour Package

Ever thought of yourself as a chef? Believed your food was worthy of feeding other people?

Or... have you just been out in a foreign land, longing for a home cooked meal?

Well BonAppetour is a platform that brings the two together in a match made in food heaven.

It's like Airbnb for your meals where you go online, pick a host, book your time, and voila...your dinner date is settled.

SOT BonAppetour host/chef - meeting people

10 51 28 I thought, it was a pretty good idea to have a bunch of people around over. You get to meet and interact with a lot of people, and you can tell them about our culture, they can share their experiences. 10 51 44//end

And the immersive cultural experience can be found in BonAppetour's dinner parties, cooking classes, barbecues, lunches and brunches.

TS - Map + figures

The company holds Europe as one of its strongest markets especially in Italy and France.

And with over 500 homecooks spread across 80 cities around the world, you'll be spoilt for choice the next time your tummy rumbles.

But like many other things in the sharing economy, safety concerns continue to be an issue.

SOTs - concerns - from Host + Guest

AMRITA A5: 121914 Initially, I was worried when my first guest signed up, I was very very scared actually and what if they don't like my food? what if they're rude to me? Then I thought let's get this done, let's have an experience 191931 //END HERE


//122103 but it always good to have an emergency contact number with you. I still feel that, you know what if the guest is not okay, (Pauline: a little bit crazy) so it's always good to have your safe side 122120//

TS -

BonAppetour's CEO and co-founder Rinita Vanjre Ravi takes the issue of safety and quality very seriously.

She says "We personally vet through all the hosts by having a "demo" experience with them to meet them and taste their food, and see their hosting style and personality."

And in far out cities, they send out known travel or food bloggers to test out the experience.

And just imagine the range of dining experiences you can dive into...From rooftop dining, eating by the riverside, or even on horseback

SOT Amrita - Food binds

//Food is something that binds us all in a way, I feel, no matter where you go. Food is something that brings people together. //

And it's not just BONAPPETOUR that's cooking up a storm, a number of meal sharing websites have cropped up across the globe as the sharing economy spreads from the sidewalk, into the kitchen.

For CNBC, I'm Pauline Chiou - bon appetit.

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