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Cramer game plan: Forget the Fed. Opportunity knocks!

Cramer game plan: No more Fed! Opportunity knocks

Jim Cramer is absolutely begging investors to take a break from the Fed guessing game, at least for a couple of days. And while the averages were hit hard on Friday, Cramer thinks it could have been a lot worse if the Fed had actually raised rates.

"Would it be so terrible to focus on the real prize, buying the stocks of companies we like for the long-term when they are being pulled down by short-term worries, like the ones generated by the Fed meeting?" Cramer asked.

And yes, one day the Fed will tighten when China is back on its feet and Europe is stronger. But right now, the real fear out there is that there is deflation; wages aren't going up and the Chinese government is selling U.S. treasuries like crazy.

Therefore, Cramer has declared next week to be a Fed-free zone so he can focus on the real opportunities knocking. Here are the events and stocks that he will be watching:

Would it be so terrible to focus on the real prize, buying the stocks of companies we like for the long-term when they are being pulled down by short-term worries, like the ones generated by the Fed meeting?
Jim Cramer

Monday: Lennar, Red Hat
One of Cramer's favorite homebuilders, this stock has been on a roll this year. And since the Fed did not raise rates, the "Mad Money" host recommended buying the stock if the commentary around the quarter is positive.

Tuesday: AutoZone, Carnival, ConAgra, Darden, General Mills
AutoZone: Cramer loves this stock because it makes his job easy. The auto parts retailer continues to report good, not great, numbers and then the company buys back the stock quickly. So, buy it right after the quarter, before the company buys the stock itself. Snap it up if it gets hammered.

Carnival: Cramer expects good things from this company.

"I am blown away by the work that Arnold Donald, the CEO of Carnival, has done to turn this ship around, and I like the group," Cramer said.

General Mills: This company has gone more natural and organic than any of the other old-line food companies out there. And it has a great dividend. A buy buy buy for Cramer.

Wednesday: Europe manufacturing data
While it will be a quiet day on Yom Kippur, Cramer will be interested to hear if stronger numbers will be reported for the Eurozone PMI.

Thursday: Accenture, KB Home, Nike, Bed Bath & Beyond
Accenture: "I have been remiss in not telling you to buy shares in this giant every time they fall. Yes, it's that good," Cramer said.

Bed Bath & Beyond: The company has been buying the stock back at a furious pace, but what has it really done on the market? It hasn't dazzled, and Cramer thinks it's getting a bit absurd.

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Friday: Finish Line, BlackBerry
Finish Line: Opportunity could come knocking for this one ahead of its quarter, as long as Nike tells a good story.

BlackBerry: Unfortunately, Cramer does not think opportunity will be knocking for BlackBerry. Cramer says to avoid to it before, during and after it reports.

So, while the market rallied and gave up its gains this week, Cramer reminded investors that it could have been a lot worse. The good news is that the Fed chatter is starting to take a backseat, so the focus can once again resume on stocks.

That's exactly what should be done if any downturn in the weakness allows for the opportunity to buy high-quality stocks at bargain prices you like.

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