Goldman: Don't try to pick stocks, except these

Attendees pass the Juniper Networks pavilion in a trade show.
Simon Dawson | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Goldman Sachs told clients that stock picking is going be even more difficult the rest of this year due to macroeconomic concerns like the Federal Reserve's uncertain interest rate policy and China, but there are some stocks that can still outperform the crowd.

"Market uncertainty is likely to remain high as investors refocus on the timing of a first Fed hike, China's economic slowdown, and oil price volatility," Goldman strategist David Kostin wrote in a note to clients Friday. "Elevated uncertainty makes stock-picking more challenging ... and return dispersion remains low."

During the market turmoil of the last month where the S&P 500 dropped 10 percent in four days and then rallied 7 percent in four weeks, the typical stock in the index was 56 percent correlated to the benchmark, the highest level since 2011.

So, it's getting harder to find stocks that trade on their own merits.

But Goldman uncovered some stocks that statistically seemed to be more sensitive to company specifics, rather than macro movements and told clients to scoop those up. Among them: