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Lightning Round: I'm surprised this is so low


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Twitter: "I like Twitter, my charitable trust owns it. I think at this point the stock has come down so much, I think that if it went down 4 or 5 more points there would be a lot of companies wanting to buy it. But I don't know who the CEO is going to be."

Lululemon: "I am in agreement with Morgan Stanley. I thought that the selloff was overdone and it happened while I was out in California. I took a look at the stock this weekend and was surprised that it was down so low. So were they, and I think they are right."

: "This group is under heavy liquidation. It makes no sense to me at this point because a lot of them are connected with natural gas. I like KMI, this was actually the first day they have been up in a very long time."

Consolidated Edison: "A lot of times these have to do with just yields. At this point I think Con Ed is back to 4 percent yield, if it drops anymore I think you are absolutely fine on Con Ed. I like their asset light method of not having to have coal plants... and they're not building any nukes."

Powershares: "When you say you are just out of college, I do want you to take a little more risk. I've been working with some generational investing, and I think you can pick the best of the best in that QQQ. I prefer you to do that."

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Northern Tier: "It yields 19 percent now, which you know I actually think is a bit of a red flag. That is a little too high, so let's be careful and not be greedy is the way I would look at it."

ConforMIS: "I've done a lot of work on that thing, I really don't think they made false statements. I think that is just pretty much the cost of doing business. This stock has come down a great deal and I don't think it's really worth selling down here. I really don't."

Exact Sciences: "When the stock was higher we decided it was time to ring the register. We felt that the best had happened. I'm sticking by that."

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