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Xi has chance to clarify China role on world stage

What can Yellen and Xi do for markets

The presidents of the U.S. and China will discuss thorny issues such as cyber espionage, the South China Sea, and North Korea's nuclear threat, but one unspoken agenda item this week may be China's efforts to become recognized as more of an equal to the U.S. on the global financial stage.

Markets have their own wish list for the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping and that is to hear reassurances on the Chinese economy after weeks of volatility in the Chinese stock market and also some clarity on China's somewhat confusing currency policy.

"I do think Xi is going to say the markets have exaggerated how bad China is. They are going through a transition, they made some important progress and China is not going to go through a recession," said Marc Chandler, chief currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman.