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Cramer: Snatch up these money-making opportunities

Cramer: Snatch up these $$$ making opportunities

Jim Cramer certainly does not like the setup of the market right now, and he's fixated on the fact that this week is historically one of the weakest of the year. But just because Cramer is negative about the market environment doesn't mean there aren't money-making opportunities available for investors.

"You think I don't want to be more bullish? But many sectors, like commodities, like industrials, like financials, like drugs, just trade horribly. I will not choose to be oblivious. My first goal is to do no harm, and I see many stocks in harm's way," the "Mad Money" host said.

Nevertheless, Cramer will not let the entire market get him down. There are some stocks that are going down and shouldn't be, and they could pose a major opportunity.

If you chose to be negative, I get it. The action is horrendous. But if you chose to be judicious there are options to try to make mone
Jim Cramer
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Defense stocks may be one opportunity because of the sheer amount of conflict around the globe right now. Cramer sees that the U.S. has finally decided to stop acting like the globe's policeman, forcing other countries to arm and defend themselves.

Companies like Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are reaping the rewards from huge international sales as a result.

"These stocks are getting more attractive as they slide lower, and I think they will only become more attractive as we head into an election year where all candidates from both parties seem more inclined to spend on defense than our current president," Cramer said.

Another group teaming with opportunity is the food stocks, especially General Mills. There are so many good things happening for this company right now, ranging from steep declines in commodity prices and an outsized dividend that can grow; Cramer is a huge fan.

Or how about restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Darden?

"I smell good cooking; that's opportunity if it keeps going lower," Cramer said.

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There are even a few stocks floating around out there that Cramer is willing to wait for, such as Lowe's and Ulta Salon.

"If you choose to be negative, I get it. The action is horrendous. But if you choose to be judicious there are options to try to make money," Cramer said. (Tweet this)

Just because there is misery in the market doesn't mean you cannot make money. It just means you may need to work harder to find them.

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