Bandura(R) Launches Revolutionary ProACT(TM) Automated Threat Intelligence Aggregation and Risk-Scoring System-- at the Splunk Conf 2015

LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo., Sept. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bandura, LLC, maker of the fast, automated, U.S. Defense-tested PoliWall Security Platform, today introduces ProACT™ server which aggregates multiple sources of threat intelligence to give you the most accurate picture of the threat landscape and takes auto-action to prevent data breaches in real-time. ProACT is software that allows customers to aggregate real-time threat information from both their own network, combined with external threat intelligence feeds. ProACT dynamically assesses the aggregated risk and adjusts access control policies according to user-defined risk-tolerance levels, stopping inbound attacks and outbound data leakage.

"ProACT takes a revolutionary approach to handling the labor-intensive task of using actionable threat intelligence to protect your network. ProACT aggregates threat intelligence from many sources and calculates a risk-score for each identified IP, and then delivers the aggregated risk scores to the Poliwall, where it takes action to stop the threats, " says Bandura CTO and Co-Founder, Dave Maestas. "The ever increasing number of network threats results in network security professionals ignoring constant alarms, and spending precious time sorting through massive amounts of log data to identify the real threats, making it nearly impossible to make firewall changes fast enough to prevent data breaches. ProACT gathers threat intelligence from the firewalls, IDS, and security event managers (SIEMs), and aggregates this with external threat intelligence streams, risk-scores the aggregated threat, and then PoliWall takes action to stop the threat."

• ProACT aggregates multiple sources of threat intelligence to give you the most accurate picture of the threat landscape and dynamically assesses the risk posture on the network so PoliWall can adjust access control according to your acceptable risk level
• ProACT's real-time updating of IP threat intelligence feeds keeps pace with overwhelming number of new threats that are emerging faster than ever before
• Poliwall with ProACT's live threat feed blocks threats as they emerge, and re-allows them when the threat is gone, preventing the blocking of legitimate IP addresses.
• PoliWall with ProACT's automation gives security professionals the tool they need to stay ahead of the threat

Doug McClanahan, Director of Business Development, Concanon, a PoliWall VAR and lead Splunk integrator says, "We are impressed with PoliWall's ability to send security data to the Splunk SIEM for visualization and analysis. ProACT now completes the circle by taking Splunk SIEM threat information data and aggregates it with other threat intelligence feeds for automatic risk-based blocking on the PoliWall platform, which closes the gap between identification of network threats, and action on the threat ."

PoliWall with ProACT advanced filtering provides the highest level of automated security without slowing down the network. When PoliWall receives the risk-scored threat information from ProACT, it automatically blocks the threat both inbound and outbound according to your acceptable level of risk—set with PoliWall's patent-pending user-defined acceptable risk level interfaces. With a mission-focus to secure our critical infrastructures, Bandura has an opt-in feature for ProACT, which allows real-time threat information sharing with other ProACT users. ProACT communicates with all PoliWalls network-wide and takes action to stop these security threats in near real-time.

ProACT can run on any machine in a customer's network as well as in a public or private cloud, and has an open SDK for tailored device integration.

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Bandura ™ is a cyber security software company, maker of the patented PoliWall security platform, the Firewall's Firewall™. The PoliWall platform, using ProACT software, aggregates and risk-scores multiple sources of threat intelligence, feeds into the PoliWall platform and then takes auto-action in real time on over 100 million threats ahead of the firewall—real-time blocking bi-directionally. Bandura, with parent company is the industry leader and innovator of automated and simplified security technologies which significantly reduces cyber risk, saves time and resources. Bandura was established to commercialize security technology developed in part with the U.S. Department of Defense and Bandura's parent company, TechGuard Security LLC. Visit us at and follow us !

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