Diet Doc's All-Inclusive Medical Weight Loss Programs Include Nutritional Education to Teach Patients how to Balance Carbohydrates and Proteins for Safe, Fast and Long Term Weight Control

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People throughout the country are searching for the perfect diet – one that is easy to understand, easy to follow and that delivers the most weight loss in the shortest amount of time. And, while there are many successful diet plans available to people, many fall prey to unscrupulous companies advertising fad diets claiming to shed pounds and inches without any commitment from the dieter. Just take this pill, eat this food or sprinkle this powder on food and watch the pounds melt into thin air. And, although the ads may be tempting, most people realize that a miracle weight loss strategy does not exist and that staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight long term requires commitment and dedication. It requires patients to learn how the body reacts to specific foods, how it uses calories and how many calories the body needs to continue to operate optimally without fatigue while still burning fat that has nestled itself comfortably and dangerously around the internal organs and in the cells of the most difficult to reach areas.

Fat accumulates when more calories are consumed than the body needs for energy. Because they have nowhere to go, they travel throughout the body in search of a place to settle until needed for energy. Slowly, more and more calories turn into fat, accumulating in the belly, underarms, buttocks, hips and thighs. Fortunately, because Diet Doc is a medical weight loss program, they know how to seek out this excess stored fat, how to force its release into the bloodstream and how to quickly flush it from the system. They know how to combine the perfect blend of carbohydrates and proteins to keep the body nourished without burning muscle, while burning excess fat at an incredible pace.

Throughout the years, carbohydrates have gained a poor reputation and are, most times, feared by dieters. But, the truth is that carbohydrates actually play an important role in a healthy diet. The hardest part, however, is learning which foods strike the proper balance between carbohydrates and protein and knowing the difference between good and bad carbs. Unfortunately, many foods common to the Western diet contain refined carbohydrates with added sugars. These types of foods are loaded with empty calories that lack nutrition but will absolutely pack on the pounds. At Diet Doc, patients learn about these differences and how to substitute foods that contain heavy starches with foods that nourish the body without weight gain and leave them feeling full and satisfied without temptations to reach for processed, high carbohydrate foods.

After an initial personal, online doctor consultation with one of the company's highly trained doctors, new patients work closely with their nutritionists to tailor meal and snack plans that are specific to their individual needs. Diet plans are created that combine a perfect blend of healthy carbohydrates and proteins that stabilize blood sugar levels and eliminate the urge to reach for sugary snacks.

While all patients are eligible for the customized meal and snack plans, many will qualify to accelerate weight loss with diet products that are specially formulated to target stored fat in the hard to reach areas of the body, to force the excess fat into the bloodstream and quickly flush it from the system by using it as its primary energy source. Patients who supplement their diet plans with Diet Doc's prescription hormone diet treatments, appetite suppressants, exclusive diet pills and powerful fat burners and fat blockers find that they are more easily able to stick to their weight loss goals because the combination controls hunger, cravings, dieting headaches and loss of energy during dieting.

Finding the proper balance of carbohydrates and proteins is one that should be made with the assistance of an experienced doctor. Call Diet Doc to schedule an immediate, private and no-cost doctor consultation today.

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