Nammo AS: NAMMO delivers ammunition to Norway's new fighter aircraft

RAUFOSS, Norway, Sept. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Norway's first F-35A fighters, 52 in total, were handed over to the Norwegian Armed Forces during a ceremony in Fort Worth earlier today. The delivery marks an important milestone for the F-35 program and the future of Norway's national defense.

- Today there is much to celebrate. Norway gets its first new fighter aircrafts, and it will be equipped with high technology ammunition made at Raufoss, says Morten Brandtzæg, President and CEO of Nammo.

Nammo has developed a new type of ammunition over the past ten years called APEX (Armor Piercing Ammunition Explosive). APEX is tailored for multi-role functions on the F-35. This ammunition can be used for all types of missions, and against air, navy and ground targets. This is quite unique because competing types of ammunition are either specialized for one or the other target scenarios.

- APEX is the latest in aircraft ammunition. Our technology ensures that the military is best equipped to meet tomorrow's challenges, and to support our defense capabilities through the use of high technology, continues Brandtzæg.

We expect that APEX can have a business potential of approximately 10 billion NOK over a 30-year period. APEX will also help to secure jobs we have at Raufoss today.

Our goal is that APEX will be a joint capacity for all partner countries to F-35. APEX technology has potential in other calibers of ammunition and this could be used by other platforms in the military in the future.

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Source: Nammo AS