Quarterly Investment Guide

Quiz: How many of the fund industry's dark secrets do you know?

The mutual fund industry is a big business, and critical to the wealth goals of most Americans. Forty-three percent of Americans own funds, while 63 percent of U.S households have retirement plans that invest in funds. Next to the Social Security system, mutual funds are America's retirement plan. So it's worth knowing a little bit about how the fund industry works and whether you have the knowledge to make it work for you in accumulating and protecting your wealth.

Take this 10-question quiz to see how much you know about funds—and if you're clued in to what fund industry experts would prefer you not know. Uncover the deep, dark secrets of the mutual fund industry in less than five minutes! Some of these questions are tough, but not without purpose: No matter how many you get right or wrong, we think you'll gain some valuable insights along the way about how to make yourself a smarter investor.