Apple Issues Bug Fixes for iOS 9

Dawn Chmielewski

Apple has issued the first update to its iOS 9 mobile device software to fix some early glitches, including one bug that froze the device on the "slide to update" screen.

The repairs, released today, addressed a handful of bugs, including a problem with alarms and timers that failed to go off and another that distorted the frame of a paused video.

Apple had taken extraordinary measures to make sure this version of the software that operates iPhones and iPads was as glitch-free as possible, following last year's problematic launch of iOS 8. The Cupertino technology company said more than half of its users had downloaded iOS 9.

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Over the weekend, Apple quietly published a support document helping consumers whose devices had gotten stuck on upgrade. That document was updated today.

By Dawn Chmielewski, Re/

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