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Audi, Porsche R&D chiefs, VW US CEO to quit: Reuters

Volkswagen will dismiss the R&D chiefs of Audi and Porsche and its top manager in the United States where the carmaker has been found manipulating diesel emission rules, a senior source said on Thursday.

Audi R&D boss Ulrich Hackenberg, Porsche's Wolfgang Hatz and VW's U.S. chief executive Michael Horn will be dismissed at a meeting of the supervisory board on Friday, the source said.

Germany's Bild newspaper earlier on Thursday reported the dismissals of Hackenberg and Hatz.

VW, Audi and Porsche all declined comment.

Dealers, owners feel frustrated and betrayed by VW scandal

Volkswagen dealers and owners are expressing anger and frustration as word spreads about how the carmaker rigged diesel emissions to pass U.S. tests.

Some now want to sell their cars, but they can't get any interest because of the smog-test trickery. Others say they are joining class-action lawsuits against VW.

Dealers around the country are also struggling with diesel stock they can't sell in the short-term.

Meanwhile, angry customers are demanding local dealers buy their cars back or offer compensation.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency disclosed Friday that VW used software that reduced emissions during smog testing but then turned off during regular driving.

The company's CEO resigned Wednesday. The scandal has wiped out billions in the company's market value and could bring billions more in fines and criminal investigations.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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