NAMMO - a key player when Bloodhound Super Sonic Car makes World Debut

RAUFOSS, Norway, Sept. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bloodhound SSC is a product of eight years of research, design and manufacturing, involving over 350 companies and universities, and designed to set a 1.000 mph world land speed record.

NAMMO's technological contribution to the project is to provide a cluster of hybrid rocket motors which combined with the EJ200 from a Eurofighter Typhoon will produce 135,000 thrust horse power - equal to 180 Formula1 cars combined and makes BLOODHOUND SSC the worlds' most powerful land vehicle.

"The Bloodhound SSC is an engineering adventure and NAMMO is a proud partner of the project. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our company's technological capability within rocket motors and space science. We could not have chosen a better partner-project where the main object is to inspire the future generation about science and technology," says Frank Møller, Executive Vice President of the Nammo Group

Project Director Richard Noble said, "Public interest in the Project is incredible and thanks to the generous support of our partners we are delighted to be able to bring BLOODHOUND SSC to London and put it on show. With the car now built and the track in South Africa prepared our focus is on racing in 2016. That part of the adventure starts with runway tests at Newquay Aerohub next Easter."

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Nammo Group

The Nammo Group, with its head office in Norway, is a high-tech company and supplier to the aerospace & defence industry. Its core business is in development, production and sale of military and sports ammunition, shoulder-launched weapon systems, rocket motors for space and military use and global services involving eco-friendly demilitarisation. Nammo has 2,200 employees, offices in 10 countries incl. 22 factories.


Source: Nammo AS