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Lightning Round: Time to buy IBM?


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Cypress Semiconductor: "The stock has been killed, the yield is fine. What can I say? It is in a bear market and it is a cheap stock. I can't back away from it now with that yield."

Blue Buffalo Pet Products: "We looked at it and we thought it was expensive versus its growth rate, and that has been proven by the fact that the stock keeps going lower."

Huntsman: "This stock has fallen so much. Huntsman is a decent chemical company, it sells at about 6 times earnings. People must really think the earnings are falling apart. I think you should yields 3.5 percent. You have to wait until it yields 4 before I feel comfortable enough."

Radius Health: "I think Radius is great...They've got what almost could be called a miracle drug. I think it's terrific, I want you to buy it."

New Senior Investment Group: "I'm worried. When I see that 9 percent yield I think red flag. Most companies can't yield that and sustain it. So I'm going to say hey I don't know."

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Yahoo: "Yahoo is trading with Alibaba. As Alibaba goes down, Yahoo goes down. I think it is unfair. Yahoo has got a core business that is not being valued at all. I'm not against that stock here."

IBM: "Have you noticed that IBM is no longer going down while a lot of the other tech companies continue to go lower? Warren Buffett's got a big holding in it. I think it's way too late to sell IBM; 3.6 percent yield. You know what? I think it's getting attractive."

Aqua America: "I think it's kind of an expensive stock. I prefer a Con Ed at 4 percent. I just feel like if you want a utility go for that, or I like Dominion."

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