Oculus' push to make virtual reality mainstream

Oculus cuts price of Gear VR headset

At Oculus' developer conference in Hollywood on Thursday, Facebook's virtual reality platform unveiled lower-cost hardware and a slew of media partnerships that aim to bring the technology to the mainstream. While hard-core gamers wait for the Oculus Rift to launch for use with PCs in the first quarter of next year, a more casual user can get his or her hands on the Samsung Gear VR: A new version is going on sale for $99 in November, half the price of the headset last year.

Perhaps most important: Oculus users will now have access to more games and video content than ever before. In November, "Oculus Arcade" is launching, bringing classics including "Pacman" and "Sonic the Hedgehog" into the virtual realm. Oculus Video will enable users to experience more than ever before—from swimming with sharks to watching Lebron James prepare for a game, said Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.