BK finally lifts veil on black bun burger in US

Burger King announces the "Halloween Whopper"

Get ready, America. Burger King is bringing its black burger to the U.S., and it's got a Halloween twist.

The burger giant has taken a cue from its Japanese restaurants and will begin selling a variant of the Kuro Burger, which it released in Japan last September, called the Halloween Whopper.

The burger will have a pitch-black bun, just like its predecessor, but will be infused with an eerily familiar American flavor: A.1. sauce.

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The sauce will be baked into the bun and will be used as a condiment on the burger alongside mayonnaise and the rest of the traditional Whopper fixings.

While the Kuro Burger sported black-colored cheese, the Halloween Whopper will use yellow American.

The burger will be available for a limited time for a suggest price of $4.99.