Boehner's out, McCarthy in line to take his place

Kevin McCarthy shoe-in: Member of Congress

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced his candidacy to be the next Speaker of the House in a Monday email to his colleagues in which he asked for their support.

The email read, "I am running to be your Speaker because I know that the People's House works best when the leadership you elect listens to members and respects the legislative process entrusted to committees."

"If elected Speaker, I promise you that we will have the courage to lead the fight for our conservative principles and make our case to the American people," McCarthy wrote. "But we will also have the wisdom to listen to our constituents and each other so that we always move forward together."

His announcement comes on the heels of current Speaker John Boehner's emotional just last week. This is where the California congressman stands on hot-button economic issues:

Climate Change

In August the Obama administration proposed legislation regulating methane emissions from oil and gas production. McCarthy released a statement which said that the goals of the White House regulation are already being achieved "thanks to free-market forces."

McCarthy said that that the government should "pocket these important achievements" to "build on a safer and more energy secure country." He added, "What House Republicans will not do is swamp energy producers with new bureaucratic and unnecessary rules to achieve a goal that is already being accomplished without government intervention."

Crude Exports

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At the end of September the House will vote on repealing a 40-year-old ban on the export of crude oil. Ten days ago, McCarthy gave a speech in Houston on his views regarding the matter.

"If there was ever a time to lift the oil export ban, it's now," he said in a copy of his speech provided to the New York Times. "Lifting the oil export ban will not only help our economy, it will also bolster our geopolitical standing."

Taxation and Government Spending

In a statement on the Republican congressman's website, McCarthy said that Washington needs to "rein in out-of-control spending" and provide "continued tax relief" to citizens.

In a move seemingly aligned with that sentiment, after pledging support for a bill which allowed tax rates for higher earners to rise, McCarthy ultimately decided to vote against it, according to a report by the New York Times.

McCarthy's website states that in a July 2014 vote, the House passed a permanent ban on taxing internet access under his leadership. In Dec. 2011, McCarthy also released a statement saying that the House passed legislation providing $1,000 in tax relief for the average American family.

Debt Ceiling

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The New York Times also reports that McCarthy was able to convince House freshman from voting a hard "no" to voting "yes," if conditionally, on raising the debt ceiling in in 2011.

Iran Nuclear Deal

The House publicly rejected President Obama's Iran nuclear deal and McCarthy is among those that are critical of the deal.

In a post on his website, McCarthy said that now, "cash strapped dictators" might follow Iran's lead to "leverage the U.S. for a couple billion dollars." McCarthy cited North Korea's announcement it would restart a nuclear reactor and could target the U.S. at any time.

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In July, McCarthy also released a list of 21 reasons undermining the Iran deal.