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Best value for money countries for football fans

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As die-hard soccer fans who travel the length and breadth of their countries to follow their teams know, support does not come cheap. You need to sometimes take planes and trains as well as automobiles to get to the stadium, and then there's the food and the obligatory pint.

A new analysis from Berlin-based travel search website GoEuro and app Onefootball shows which country offers the best value for the money spent to watch a match. The price of a ticket is obviously a crucial factor but so is the overall quality of the league.

So which countries offer soccer that is easy on the eye and light on the wallet? Here's the top 10, represented by the largest stadiums where clubs from the highest division play week in week out:

(Sources: Club websites, Premier League, FIFA)

— By Janine Tan | Special to
Posted 25 September 2015

Boris Austin | Getty Images