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The most underrated and overrated jobs of 2015

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Being an architect or an event coordinator may seem glamorous, but long hours and low pay make them among the most overrated professions of 2015, according to a report released Friday by job-search site

"These jobs have a positive public perception but a less attractive reality," said CareerCast content editor Kyle Kensing. "While they may have high-salary potential, excitement and glamour, there are trade-offs ... that can include long hours, high pressure and stiff competition for positions or clients."

"Often it's a trade-off between how much stress you want and how much income you want," noted Nicole Smith, chief economist at Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce. "Unless you have the appropriate level of interest, the late nights and weekends you have to work will be unsatisfying."

Accountants, engineers and human resource managers may lack the same cachet, but they also tend to lack the stress and long hours, making them among the most underrated, according to CareerCast's report.

Overrated professions were chosen from a CareerCast ranking of 200 jobs that factored in job-related stress, competition, industry volatility and high job turnover, among other factors. Underrated jobs all share potential for advancement, a favorable hiring outlook, job security and low stress.

Here are the five most underrated and five most overrated jobs of 2015.

By Jessica Dickler, special to
Posted 25 September 2015

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