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Stocks that offer value in the aftermath of the Fed

Three stocks finding a bottom

Fears of a global slowdown and uncertainty about the Federal Reserve's monetary policy have some investors confused about where to invest.

However, according to one highly regarded technician, there's still plenty of ways to make money during these volatile times.

"Three stocks have found a bottom and also offer upside," said Rich Ross of Evercore ISI on CNBC's "Fast Money." According to Ross, the sell-off has created a number of compelling opportunities.

His first pick is Walt Disney, which is up 6 percent on the year. According to Ross's chart work, the chart formed a double bottom when it touched $90, a pattern many technicians often look to as a sign that a floor might be in.

Disney shares have jumped 15 percent from the August 24th low, and more recently have been hovering around a key resistance level that forms a triangle pattern aligning with its 200-day moving average.

Ross added: "This should be a continuation pattern to the upside, if and when you do break through the 200-day around $105, $106."

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Ultimately, Ross sees the stock headed to $120 per share. "This is a sneaky little play," he said.

The second stock Ross likes is United Airlines, whose stock is down nearly 17 percent this year. Ross's chart work indicates that United may have bottomed around May—much earlier than the broader markets.

The stock retested that low again during the flash crash in August, and Ross's technical analysis shows the stock taking off during the big downtrend. Currently, the shares are now flirting with a 200-day moving average.

"We have a nice little flag formation, once again a continuation to the upside," said Ross. The pattern suggests the stock ready for liftoff to the upwards of $70 per share.

Ross also sees value in one particularly hard hit sector: biotech. The group had its worst week in four years on concerns about price controls. Yet, Ross sees opportunity in one of the larger names in the space: Biogen.

Ross's chart work shows a reverse head and shoulders bottom—a trend-reversal pattern that could indicate an inflection point.

Ultimately, Ross said the stock could get back $375, making it a great trade into the year end.

"We've got Disney, United, and Biogen— three great stocks to take advantage of a year-end push," according to Ross.