Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville Seeks to Raise Awareness About National Chiropractic Health Month

YORKVILLE, Ill., Sept. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, Illinois, wants to remind local area residents that October is National Chiropractic Health Month. Dr. Brian D. Berkey, currently serving director of the clinic, announces their intention to educate local residents about the many benefits chiropractic medicine provides. He states, "Unlike other fields of medicine that are often reactionary rather than preventative, chiropractic medicine seeks to improve overall health so that patients can not only feel their best every day, but also live their best lives each day." The month of October is about educating the public about the many benefits chiropractic medicine has to offer.

Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville, located in Yorkville, Illinois, seeks to raise awareness about this upcoming October's National Chiropractic Health Month. This month is about sharing what regular chiropractic care can do for people suffering from a wide range of common conditions.

The theme for this year's event is "Discover Chiropractic: Find Your Game." The goal is to encourage existing and potential chiropractic patients to consider other ways that chiropractic medicine can help them get back into the "game" of living their best lives with the assistance of chiropractic medicine.

"So many people," says Dr. Berkey, "Are weighted down by the constant need for painkillers and the side effects they bring along with them. At this rate, it's a wonder anybody is able to stay at the top of the game — whether that is on the field, in the office, or just of life in general. We believe that using chiropractic techniques helps to unlock the body's natural ability to heal itself so all of our patients can feel great and live healthful lives."

Chiropractic medicine seeks to encourage the body's ability to heal itself without the excessive use of pharmaceutical drugs. It is about finding, treating, and eliminating the cause of the pain. Modern medicine, on the other hand, often only masks the pain without doing anything to address what's actually causing it.

Dr. Berkey specializes in auto-accident injury chiropractic care. He participated in extensive post-graduate training under Dr. Croft, a well-respected member of the field of the auto-accident injury research.

Soft tissue damage whiplash and neck and back pain from auto accidents can affect range of motion, ability to work, personal comfort and more. Chiropractic uses natural methods such as adjustments, therapeutic massage, physical therapy, spinal decompression and corrective exercises to relieve pain.

Area residents with questions about chiropractic medicine are encouraged to call Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville at 630-239-7284 to learn more.

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Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville is located on Hillcrest Ave in Yorkville, Illinois. In addition to standard chiropractic services, the clinic offers sports injury treatment, weight loss solutions, work hardening and conditioning and personal injury treatments.

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