Anderson Chiropractic Seeks to Educate Community About Chiropractic Services Offered

MCMURRAY, Pa., Sept. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anderson Chiropractic wants to spread the word about the many different chiropractic services and techniques offered at the clinic. Dr. Scott Anderson, founder of Anderson Chiropractic, has served McMurray and the nearby cities of Canonsburg, Venetia, Upper St. Clair and Hendersonville since 1995. Dr. Anderson is well-versed in a variety of chiropractic techniques and forms of treatment and prides himself on tailoring each treatment to the needs and comfort level of his patients.

Dr. Scott Anderson of Anderson Chiropractic wants to spread the word about the wide variety of treatments and services available at the chiropractic clinic. Dr. Anderson believes in offering treatments that meet both the specific and general spinal health needs of his patients, and his practice offerings reflect that.

"I take pride in offering such a solid range of chiropractic treatments," says Dr. Anderson. "So many general chiropractic treatments can help people experience relief from chronic pain, an increased range of motion, better balance and overall improved levels of health. Helping people like this is why I entered chiropractic care in the first place."

Dr. Anderson uses techniques such as Manual Adjustments, Flexion Distraction (Cox Technic), Pierce Drop Table, Thompson Drop Table Technique, Applied Kinesiology and Arthrostim Manipulator Technique to properly address the unique needs of each individual patient. In addition, Dr. Anderson also caters to pregnant woman with a special table that allows treatment during their entire term of pregnancy.

These techniques may be used alone or in combination and are known to help treat conditions such as stubborn alignment problems, chronic or severe pain.

The McMurray chiropractor is focused on making sure that the community knows that he works with each individual patient to create a plan specific to their body's needs. He states that, "I work with patients to develop a treatment program that will work for them. My goal as a chiropractor is to address the underlying causes of pain as efficiently as possible so that relief is fast and lasting."

For needs requiring specialized care, Dr. Anderson is known in the community for offering modalities such as nasal cranial release, weight loss, custom orthotics, BrainFit and Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy.

Dr. Anderson is pleased to offer a wide range of chiropractic services to families in the Canonsburg, Venetia, Peters Township, Upper St. Clair and Hendersonville areas. He is offering first time patients an exclusive offer- initial consultation, exam and first chiropractic adjustment ($250 value) for $49 to encourage local residents to discover how chiropractic care can help improve their lives.

Anyone interested in learning more about services offered by Dr. Anderson are encouraged to contact Anderson Chiropractic at (724) 941-5805.

Located on Washington Road in McMurray, Pennsylvania, Anderson Chiropractic offers a wide variety of services for pain management and better whole body health. These services include treatments such as general chiropractic care, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, massage therapy and spinal and postural screenings.

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