Raveling Chiropractic Center Announces Revolutionary Knee Pain Treatment

DUNEDIN, Fla., Sept. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dunedin chiropractor, Dr. Paul Raveling, D.C., announces a highly effective, non-surgical knee pain treatment for a special price, now available at Raveling Chiropractic Center. Over the next 15 days, the "Believe it or Not Special" will include a comprehensive knee exam for $27. The doctor urges patients to schedule appointments as soon as possible, as there are limited spots available at this reduced price.

Dr. Raveling uses a highly developed technique called, "the Gonstead Technique," which has been shown to provide significant, non-invasive knee pain relief. According to Dr. Raveling, the treatment places emphasis on correcting areas of the body that display specific misalignments of the vertebrae which are addressed with precise spinal adjustments originally developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

According to the doctor, debilitating knee pain is a common ailment with a variety of causes, including everything from medical conditions to acute injuries. The pain may be diffused throughout the immediate knee area or localized to one specific area. The pain is often accompanied by physical restriction of the bony structures that comprise the knee joint, as well as the surrounding bony structures, such as the femur, fibula and tibia. The pain's severity can vary from a severe, disabling pain to a minor ache.

Dr. Raveling states, "Knee pain can occur when nerve signals are interrupted as the spaces between the spinal bones become narrowed or cut off due to a spinal misalignment. The Gonstead Technique locates the specific misalignments and gently removes the pressure from the effected nerves, while restoring function and relieving pain. This treatment is so effective that I am offering a low-cost treatment special to be accessible to a greater number of patients."

Expert treatment at the Raveling Chiropractic Center can help some patients avoid knee surgery. Prior to treatment, a comprehensive examination is performed to detect whether the pain is being exacerbated by a spinal misalignment. When misalignments are detected, chiropractic adjustments are used to help alleviate pain, restore balance and to support the natural healing process. Depending on the individual patient, various therapies may be prescribed, such as physical therapy exercises that not only strengthen the affected tissue, but also help prevent future damage. The doctor may also suggest certain lifestyle changes that may positively affect the condition. In some instances, the doctor may also prescribe massage therapy, to provide pain relief by increasing the circulation in the injured tissues.

The Dunedin Chiropractic and Wellness Center is dedicated to helping patients reduce pain and heal injuries through conservative chiropractic care. The Center is located at 1116 Belcher Road in Dunedin, Florida, and serves Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Patients may call (727) 733-0433 to schedule appointments.


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