Soloman Chiropractic Home to Only Level 3 NSA Practitioner in Phoenix

PHOENIX, Sept. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a chiropractic technique that focuses on treating the body as a whole, integrated system rather than just aligning the bones. This evidence-based approach to wellness care and body awareness is designed to unlock the body's ability to heal itself, says NSA practitioner Dr. Michael Soloman. Dr. Soloman is the only Level 3 Certified NSA practitioner — now also known as a "Quantum" Level Practitioner — in the greater Phoenix region. According to Soloman Chiropractic, NSA (also known as 'Network Chiropractic Care') is part of a comprehensive approach to achieving maximum wellness with holistic health maintenance.

Soloman Chiropractic founder, Dr. Michael Soloman, is raising awareness about the benefits of Network Spinal Analysis, also known as "NSA" and "Network Chiropractic Care." In order to offer NSA treatment, practitioners must pass at minimum a written test. Dr. Soloman is one of the few NSA practitioners in Arizona to achieve Level 3 certification.

Level 3 certification is difficult to obtain and requires completion of hundreds of hours of hands on training. This training includes passing a hands-on examination with the founder of NSA, Dr. Donald Epstein. Roughly 200 NSA practitioners in the United States (20% of all practitioners) have achieved Level 3 certification.

"NSA treatment taps into the body's innate ability to heal itself," said Dr. Soloman. "As patients become more aware of their emotions, thoughts and body sensations, they can use this shift in awareness to self-identify misalignments and patterns of tension that are damaging to their overall health. Ultimately, patients will learn how to consciously respond to these self-identified negative patterns for enhanced holistic health."

Benefits of NSA treatment may include increased energy levels, improved emotional and psychological state, heightened relaxation, increased contentment and compassion, stronger interpersonal relationships, better diet and exercise, and a reduced reliance on prescription medication, according to Dr. Soloman.

"Three out of four patients report improvements in all aspects of their health, ranging from enhanced wellbeing to heightened mood and relaxation," said Dr. Soloman. "When patients participate in creating their own healing strategies, they are empowered to take control of their health and go beyond conventional medical protocols. The end result is truly a whole body transformation."

NSA certification levels correspond with levels of care. Level 1 is "Discover Care," the first step in treatment where the body begins to make connections and relax. At Level 2 "Transform Care," the body begins to tap into its own energy levels to influence how a patient thinks and feels. The highest level is Level 3 "Awaken Care," in which patients are able to access full control over their health and live with a sense of empowered wellness.

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