Trinity Pet Hospital Offers Expert, Affordable Veterinary Services at Laguna Hills

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Sept. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orange County Veterinarian Dr. Maged Kerolos offers a high level of expertise and a wide range of affordable, effective pet care services. In addition to maintaining the clinic's twenty-year tradition of focusing on disease and injury prevention, Dr. Kerolos offers surgical services, including eye and laser surgery, dermatology treatment, dental services and emergency intervention. The staff's priority is always the well-being of the pets they serve.

Dr. Kerolos studied veterinary medicine in Egypt and completed an internship in Alabama before starting his practice, Trinity Pet Hospital, in Laguna Hills, California. He was trained in internal medicine and surgery, including laser and eye surgery. His technical skill combines with a passion for helping pets. "My uncle was a veterinarian. Watching him treat his patents gave me a love for pets and the desire to find ways to provide them with compassionate, high quality, affordable care. We're able to offer that kind of care at Trinity Pet Hospital," Dr. Kerolos explained. In addition to his veterinary practice, Dr. Kerolos works with pet shelters and is involved with several rescue groups.

The clinic provides a range of general and specialized surgical services, including eye, dental and orthopedic surgery. Special interests include veterinary dermatology, internal medicine and ultrasound. Routine procedures such as vaccinations, microchipping, declawing, spaying and neutering, laboratory diagnostics, and digital ear exams are also provided. Routine dental care involves exams, X-rays, and cleaning. The staff is trained to treat more severe dental issues, as well.

The clinic's focus on disease prevention is supported through wellness strategies, nutritional consultations, weight management programs, and healthcare plans designed to address the healthy growth and development of puppies and kittens. Flea and tick prevention is promoted to avoid issues such as tapeworms, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Bartonella, and flea-allergy dermatitis.

Trinity Pet Hospital provides emergency services, as well. As soon as a pet is brought to the clinic for emergency care, the clinic staff assesses the level of urgency and addresses the most life-threatening conditions first. By utilizing advanced diagnostic equipment such as digital radiography, ultrasound and their onsite lab, the team can accurately and precisely determine the problems affecting the pet and begin the appropriate treatment immediately.

Dr. Kerolos believes that involving owners in the care of their pets helps promotes positive health practices. To assist pet owners in providing preventive care, the clinic offers information and wellness tips through their Pet Living and Wellness newsletter.

Trinity Pet Hospital is located at 24861 Alicia Pkwy Ste D, Laguna Hills, CA. For more information, call 949-768-1314 or visit the Trinity Pet Hospital website at

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