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Cramer: Changing the way you see a doctor forever

Teladoc CEO: We provide better access & savings

Unfortunately Monday's market hammering took the good, along with the bad. So now Jim Cramer is wondering what to do with a fast growing and innovative company such as Teladoc that had the misfortune of coming public this summer, right before the market took a nosedive and investors started to sell risky high fliers.

Teladoc is the largest player in the disruptive field of telehealth. It is the No. 1 purveyor of on-demand health-care services via the internet. Its platform already has 11.5 million members, and the company's revenue flew up 78 percent in its first quarter after going public. However, the company still continues to lose money as it spends in order to expand.

"I feel like this is the kind of concept that would have been embraced in a bull market, but unfortunately we are firmly in bear territory," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer worried that considering the current market environment, a company with little earnings does not have much of a safety net. However, he does think it will eventually be too cheap to ignore and it could turn into a long-term bargain if an investor is willing to endure the short-term pain.

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However considering that there is a potential for 50 million people to join Teladoc's platform, Cramer thinks the growth for this company could hold up for a long time. To learn more, he spoke with the company's CEO Jason Gorevic.

"We have a number of a number of employers and health plans. We are up to about 6,000 in total clients, 20 health plans and we are just about 10 or 15 penetrated there. So there are 50 million members of growth just in our existing customer base," Gorevic confirmed.

One fact that was shocking to Cramer, given the efforts that the government has taken to cut health-care costs, was that Teladoc is not covered by Medicare. The CEO confirmed that the company has had good conversations with the White House, and he definitely thinks its plans are headed in the direction of Teladoc.

"I think it's just a matter of time until they agree that they are going to pay for this for acute care, episodic care instead of someone running to the emergency room," Gorevic said.

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Gorevic explained one of the benefits to using Teladoc through its new deal with CVS, is that if one of its doctors decides that a patient needs to be seen in person they can fast-track the patient to be seen at a Minute Clinic. This could help to reduce the amount of people in emergency room and primary-care physician offices.

And while the stock has taken a hit recently, Gorevic confirmed that the growth potential is immense.

"There are about 1.25 billion ambulatory care visits every year and we estimate that about one-third of those could be handled by Teladoc. So that's over 400 million visits. That makes for a $17 billion addressable market for us," he said.

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect Teladoc's deal with CVS

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