From the Rigors of Retail to Running a Family-Friendly Franchise Business

FLEMINGTON, N.J., Sept. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When Jason Jacobus first opened up his Minuteman Press franchise in Flemington, N.J. in May 2012, he was surrounded by friends and family. This moment marked not only the beginning of a brand new business venture, but also a brand new life.

Prior to this point, Jason Jacobus worked as a store manager in the retail sector, an unforgiving occupation when one is trying to raise a family. The nights were long, weekends were lonely, and working holidays was non-negotiable. With a wife and three small children, working retail was just not a feasible long-term option for Jason, nor was this the life he wanted for him or his family. “Life was a constant battle. I was never able to attend school functions,” Jacobus recalls before adding, “There was never an opportunity to take a long weekend. Working nights, weekends and every holiday was getting old. Retail is tough.”

Today, Jason Jacobus’ life is much different. “Now,” he says, “I take vacations, long weekends, and coach all of the kids in their favorite sports.” Jason’s children are now 7, 7, and 9 years-old, and as a Minuteman Press franchise owner, he is able to make sure he never misses out on the things that matter most. “I am home for dinner at 5:15 EVERY night,” he exclaims as he beams with pride. “I may come back if we are busy or to get prepared for the next day, but I am always home for dinner.” He adds, “I attend my daughter’s gymnastic events and coach both my boys in baseball and football. We take two vacations per year and a few long weekends here and there. Weekends are family time. Making money doing something I love and having the time to spend with my family. It doesn't get any better than that.”

The two vastly different pictures painted by Jason Jacobus above therefore beg the following question: How did he do it?

His short answer: “With hard work and help from The Minuteman Press franchise system.”

Expanding on that notion, Jason is quick to point out why the Minuteman Press franchise opportunity appealed to him. “I knew about Minuteman Press with my time in printing prior to retail. I was a press operator/bindery person for a small shop. One of the most important things that drew my attention was my first meeting in the process was with Jim Galasso, who worked in the first Minuteman Press franchise location and is still with the company as my Regional Vice President, supporting myself as well as other owners in his area. That is huge that the people who started this are still doing it.”

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Jacobus also believed Minuteman Press had a solid franchise system in place that was very owner-friendly. “The cap on royalties is something you don't hear about with any other franchise. This is one of many cases where the home office looks out for you and helps you with your business.”

Another aspect of the Minuteman Press business model that Jason Jacobus speaks fondly of is the two-week training program (along with additional onsite support after training) that lays out everything for new franchise owners and just makes sense. He says, “I took what I learned in the two weeks of Minuteman Press training and followed it verbatim. If someone has been successful for the last 40 years, obviously they know what they are doing.”

When talking about his business approach that has made him a success story, Jacobus recites many of the keys he learned in training: “Joining clubs and getting involved in the community is a huge part of my business, as is sponsoring local school teams as well as recreational teams. I meet a lot of parents this way who own their own businesses or might be the decision-makers at the companies where they work. Giving back to the community is always a good idea. Never say no to a job. Take it in and figure out how to make it happen. The idea is to build a customer base. That one tough job that you might not make the desired margin could lead to many more profitable jobs.”

One trait that Jason Jacobus has that is a hallmark of other Minuteman Press franchise owners is his desire to succeed in business while helping other businesses grow. Jason explains, “I pride myself on not just selling the job but selling the client what they need. Most clients don't know what they want or how to get the results they are looking for. Building trust in a client is very important.” He continues, “For example, we have a great track record with Every Door Direct Mail campaigns, and when I lay out the costs involved in sending direct mail with a purchased list compared to EDDM, the client appreciates me saving them money while reaching more potential customers in the process. Assisting my customers in growing their business is very satisfying, and it builds a relationship that lasts for a long time.”

As Jason Jacobus noted earlier, life today is much different than his days in retail. Now nearly four years into his tenure as a Minuteman Press franchisee, he offers the following advice for those aspiring entrepreneurs who were once in his shoes: “Do your homework, and don't jump in by the seat of your pants just so you can own your own business. Be prepared with the proper startup capital.”

And lastly, Jason adds, “Call me. I will talk to any potential franchise owner.”

Spoken like a true gentleman who knows a good opportunity when he sees one, and takes pride in all he’s accomplished as a Minuteman Press franchisee.

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