New research-based online tool provides guidance and support to help parents intervene with adolescent substance abuse

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading scientific experts in addiction and behavioral science have teamed with experts in interactive online and film-based content in order to create solutions for parents wanting to intervene with their child's substance use. Derived from the empirically-supported treatment method Community Reinforcement And Family Training (CRAFT), the online course, Parent CRAFT, teaches parents how to interact with their child in new ways. The unique collaboration between the Treatment Research Institute, Dr. Robert J. Meyers, and Cadence Online, takes empirically-studied behavioral science and brings to life an accessible tool for today's parent who is concerned about a child's drug or alcohol use.

Ninety percent of substance use disorders begin before the age of 18. Whether an adolescent or young adult is using casually, in treatment for substance use problems, or returning from a treatment program, parents often are uncertain how to effectively address the drug or alcohol use. Yet, to date, there has been a lack of available evidence-based solutions for parents.

"Dealing with an adolescent or young adult's substance use can take a toll on the entire family, but there are skills parents can learn that have been proven to nudge their children in positive directions," said Dr. Kimberly Kirby, Director of the Parents Translational Research Center at the Treatment Research Institute. "Parent CRAFT brings evidence-based science into a format that works in a useful and meaningful way for parents to truly have an impact in changing their child's behavior."

Parent CRAFT teaches parents how to effectively interact with their children in order to change drug and alcohol behavior. The intervention has three main goals: to improve the relationship between the parent and adolescent or young adult; to reduce the child's problem behaviors; and to help the parent facilitate treatment entry of their child and support them during treatment and recovery.

"By representing these practices through real-life examples in the online Parent CRAFT course, parents now have relatable scenarios to learn the skills necessary to take care of themselves and their family member," said Dr. Robert Meyers, creator of CRAFT and Professor Emeritus Psychology, University of New Mexico – Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addiction. "CRAFT is the first program that has a proven intervention style that helps parents and others get their loved ones into treatment. In fact, with CRAFT, 65-75 percent of these children and loved ones get into treatment without ruining relationships or involving massive confrontations."

Through brief, engaging videos and extensive role-playing exercises, parents navigate through five key modules designed to help them understand their child's drug use pattern, improve their communication skills, develop methods of behavior management, and learn when and how to suggest treatment entry.

"Cadence Online is proud to have collaborated with the leading scientists and clinicians in this arena to develop a readily accessible solution for parents facing this challenging issue," said Jim Bosler, Founder and CEO of Cadence Online. "Parent CRAFT gives families the evidence-based tools they need to address problems of substance abuse."

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