Raven Industries' Engineered Films Division Announces New Wide-Width Fabrication Capacity

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Sept. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Raven Industries' Engineered Films Division (NASDAQ:RAVN), an innovative manufacturer of specialty plastic film and sheeting, announced the addition of wide-width fabrication capacities in its Madison, S.D. facility. These new capabilities generate additional capacity—specifically wide-width layflat materials—immediately decreasing the fabricated-product lead times of geomembrane liners, custom grain covers and other converted products.

Raven EFD's new 150-inch-wide layflat winding capability meets industry demands for prefabricated geomembranes in accordion and c-folded panels and provides:

  • Large single roll fabrication up to impressive 8,000-pound rolls.
  • Example: 40-mil geomembrane (size 50-feet by 800-feet) containing one factory seam, folded and rolled on a 12.5-foot-long core (multiple 25-foot-wide c-folded increments available)
  • Example: Reinforced geomembranes up to 45-mil (size 24-foot-wide by 1,650-foot) containing one factory seam, folded and rolled on a 12-foot-long core (multiple 12-foot-wide increments available)

"We are excited to open this new phase of capacity with the major advantages that 150-inch wide-width conversion can provide for our customers," stated Anthony Schmidt, Vice President and General Manager for Raven Industries' Engineered Films Division. "Raven continuously looks to add value in all aspects of the customer experience through operational excellence, from the first impression to the final product performance."

Large custom panels save considerable time and money onsite by significantly decreasing the number of install days. In many cases, you can deploy a fabricated panel as a one-piece containment solution. Online, we provide product case studies of actual applications, including this case study, which depicts a rapid deployment for hydrocarbon containment.

Raven Industries is fully committed to developing innovative materials by engineering value-added and sustainable products to meet and exceed the latest industry standards.

About Engineered Films Division: Raven Industries' Engineered Films Division has established a well-known reputation for manufacturing and supplying high performance flexible films and sheeting to major markets throughout the United States and abroad. Engineered Films' strategic mission is to produce critical film and sheeting for the containment and protection of Earth's natural resources. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and proven product expertise allows them to offer the most innovative and targeted product solutions in the industry. Find out more about Raven Engineered Films at www.RavenEFD.com, or visit them on Twitter or Facebook.

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