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Don't look down: This bridge has a glass bottom

Would you cross China's glass bridge?
Would you cross China's glass bridge?

Stretching almost a quarter of a mile across a nearly 600-foot deep chasm in China's Hunan province, is the Haohan Qiao bridge.

Initially a wooden bridge, the attraction nestled in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon area has been retrofitted with a glass bottom.

The stomach-churning structure, which opened in September of this year, was constructed using 24 millimeter thick glass panels. These panes are reportedly 25 times stronger than regular glass, according to The Washington Post.

The bridge was built by a crew of 21 workers, who purportedly earned 400 yuan ($62.90) per day for their efforts.

"It's actually not as dangerous as people think it is, as long as you watch out a bit," one worker told Global Times.