Evernote announces layoffs and office closures

Tim McClean Photography | E+ | Getty Images

Notetaking app Evernote announced on Wednesday the layoff of 47 employees, as well as the closure of three of its global offices. The news came in a note from CEO Chris O'Neill posted on the Evernote website.

"We are grateful for the immense contributions of each and every affected person," he wrote. "I believe that a smaller, more focused team today will set us up for growth and expansion tomorrow."

O'Neill has led the company as CEO for two months. The privately-held company, based in California and founded in 2007, has about 400 employees. The company claims it reaches more than 100 million users worldwide.

September job cuts up 43%
September job cuts up 43%

"Here are two things that you can expect from us over the next several months: we will launch major foundational product improvements around the core features that you care about most, and we will pull back on initiatives that fail to support our mission," he said.

The Evernote app allows users to take notes, and then organize and archive them. It offers a free and paid subscription service.

The announcement from Evernote is one of several from other companies in September including Hewlett-Packard, ConocoPhillips and Chesapeake Energy.